For the last 150 years, almost all of North America’s grains and oilseeds have been traded as commodities. Moreover, there is no economic market mechanism in general use that matches Grain Users with Grain Producers.


  1. Grain Users or End User Buyers (e.g. Food Manufacturers, Mills, Processors) cannot efficiently source grains with specialized traits or quality characteristics that they require to differentiate their end products and/or reduce their operational costs. Food safety and sustainability practices are also growing requirements.

  2. Simultaneously, Grain Producers (Farmers) cannot optimize value for their specialized products by efficiently identifying appropriate end users.


eGraindirect was formed in 2016 in order to solve this problem utilizing Software as a Service to provide access to crop data, testing results, and fulfilment services. Over 7000 person hours have been spent on the development of the platform, and an agreement has been completed with one of the largest Farm Management and Technology companies in 2018.

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