Executive Team

Bruce has 37 years of engineering and technology experience, with extensive expertise in agricultural supply chain management. Former CEO of Linnet Geomatics, sold to Cengea in ????

Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Graham


Sean has 26 years experience in the Agriculture Industry with trading, merchandising and consulting. Founder of North American Food Ingredients and Agri-Trend Marketing – sold to Trimble in ????

Chief Marketing Officer

Sean Gatin


Shane has 33 years experience with technology, software design, sales and management. Built and ran an $80 Million per year region with Cisco Systems. Founded software development and consulting firm Technicom.

Chief Innovation Officer

Shane Warnez


Lawrence has an extensive background in agriculture, crop production and marketing as he has served in various roles in the Winnipeg grain industry including as a Senior Market Coach at AgriTrend.

Director of Business Development

Lawrence Klusa